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If you fortunately submitted a successful application, the system will create an order according to your address. The necessarity of this order is designed to save your rights.

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If you want to improve the application success probability, please check the tips list from the top of the Freebies Channel. After your successful payment of the order the seller will send the Freebie during the fixed delivery time. Then you can find the Freebies Review entrance to write a report as detailed as possible. Notice, that the more you write, the more Freebies you will get!

Be A Winner This Shopping Season With AliExpress

You can referance the example of the successful Freebie Review in the top of the homepage. What if the Freebie item has several colors, sizes or other SKU specifications how to fix it? Please be aware that after the order was sent the winner will recieve the Freebie in random.

Please be aware of the list of the special categories delivery costs: Before the order payment you can cancel the Freebies order. By the way, the canceling of the Freebies order will impact the your reputation, please, be discreet.

Please be noticed, that if you refuse the submition of the Review, the system will dramatically reduce your every other application. Seems the original link no longer works.

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Thanks to aaaaaa in the thread, there is a new way to get coupons! So if you use this link: Yeah, it's a bit confusing.

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First, login to your account here. Then look on the left menu column and find "My Coupons". Click in there and you should see your 5 coupons. In the yellow box above the coupons you'll see "You have 5 coupons available! Click here to start your coupon activation.

Types of coupons for AliExpress and how they work

It will then email you a link which you must then click on. Next time you go to "My Coupons" you see one coupon is now "Valid" and you're ready to shop.

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A pretty convoluted method, but it works in the end! New items each day: It also works for everyone who already took advantage of this offer last time. Have fun shopping everyone! Log into your Vendio account and click on the sourcing tab to go to the landing page or click Here.

How do I get freebies from AliExpress? – The Major Trends

Enter in the coupon code: Go to AliExpress and start shopping for hot products to buy at wholesale prices. New link posted for new code: There is a limited number of coupons for this promotion. You can use this coupon 5 times. Paid via Paypal, so my risk is Sweet if this works.