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For a boost of energy, try the Coco Chia Zooper Cookies! Get free shipping on orders worth P1, or more. Valid on all orders starting from October 7 until December 31, Just so you know, we share cookies Thanks for visiting, beautiful! Log In. Waitlist Sold Out. Jemel Kent. Mushroom Republic's Crispy Mushrooms. Founding Farmers. Healthy Tropics. The Good Seed. Daily Apple. Mary's Organic Crackers. Nuttin' Better. Vegetari Healthy Bites. Take Root. Just Fruit. II Cane Organics. While we do not consume canned goods, I have 40 cans of various soups and hundreds of other boxed food items that we can survive off of if we had too.

I also recently got free peroxide and rubbing alcohol at Target with my coupons. There are plenty of things my family uses that I get for free or cheap with coupons. To learn how to coupon and she even mentions organic in one of her videos… check out http: Couponing might not be right for everyone, but there is certainly a way to get the best of both worlds if you do it right! But sounds like you have it all figured out. I try to utilize the coupons for free colgate toothpaste or. Thanks for the link. I love the organic Honest Ade teas and lemonade and take them to work with me…and with recyclebank.

It has only been through a little couponing, I am more aware of what is a good price to pay for certain things. But by no means do I think the TLC show is positive, uggh. Disgusts me mostly from the one episode I did watch. I have tried to find the best of both worlds.

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I have started couponing, but one moto I have stuck to from the get go is that I will not buy it with coupons if I would not buy it without. That being said, on a good week: However, while not extreme by any means, I do coupon. And there are lots of coupons for lots of things we do buy, like toothbrushes get them for free! Btw, there are some options out there for organic coupons, you just gotta know where to look.

And moneysavingmom. I have been couponing for about 5 months now but I am nowhere near extreme. Its just a little here and there and I have to say I agree with you about how alot of coupons are for junk. There are quite a alot of things to get tho with coupons that are non food related. I never buy body wash, tooth paste, toothbrushes and i get laundry soap dirt cheap. Not to mention the cheap deals on toilet paper and paper towels.

Also I have a pretty good stock of pasta too. If your mindset is that couponing is ALL for junk tho I would have to disagree! I have saved alot of money already just buying household items and toiletries! But— the majority of them are. On the rare occaisions that I happen to find a coupon for say, organic coconut milk, AND I happen to be in town before it expires, AND I happen to be going to that store, I will happily use the coupon. But, the stars pretty much have to align for all the factors to work for me. I really gave coupons a try for a few months but found it far too time consuming for what I was able to save.

And Jaclynn I love moneysavingmom! A good replacement for shave gel is hair conditioner. I just put a smidge in my palm, slather it on my legs or wherever and shave away. It works even better than expensive gel, and no need to lotion after. I also use unscented or lavender, my favorite natural hair conditioner mixed with water and vinegar equal parts , dip a washcloth in it and toss in the dryer in place of dryer sheets.

I do that hair conditioner trick, too! And great idea about the dryer sheet alternative! Hi — Do a web search for Dryer balls made from wrapped and felted wool balls. They naturally keep static cling down to a minimum and can be infused with essential oils.

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What are you putting on your hair? My conditioner costs about 5x what shaving gel does…. Some have even openly admitted to coupon fraud! NEVER but hardly ever. Also, I live in a downtown area and can walk to Walgreen, Walmart and Kroger. I use soaked flours, grass fed meats, and get veggies from a CSA. But I do use some coupons. I guess I am pretty eclectic! Sounds like you have a good balance! But, that seems to rarely happen in our area….

Free sometimes comes with quite a cost. I prefer to feed my family with whole foods and common sense! When I was younger, I was all about cheap groceries. Top Ramen was only 33 cents a package? Now that way of thinking makes me cringe….

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The harm those artificial foods do to your health is never worth the pennies you might save at the check out line! I agree wholeheartedly with this post. You said it so well. I just found your blog when searching for a great recipe for refried beans. Cumin is one of my favorite spices, so I thought it was perfect. Looking forward to perusing your blog more when I have time. Coupons are a lifestyle litmus test! Every first time cheese maker is going to find you like this, unless they are not frugal or Google savvy.


When my husband shared the cost of going back and forth to town, I was shocked! I make almost all of our food from scratch- bread, cheese, meals- and most of our cleaners including our laundry detergent. I live in an apartment with no balcony so growing our food is not an option but I wish I could!!! Also, when something like flour hits its rock-bottom sale price, which is in cycles and happens every 3 months, you buy enough to last you 3 months until the next time it hits rock bottom. With not that much effort I have managed coupons for everything from truly organic product, not at all the stuff you spoke of to clothing, to shoes, to coats and hats and gloves.

It does take some time, but honestly not that much once I got started. Granted, there are a LOT of coupons for a lot of junk food and such out there, but to the savvy couponer you can save a lot of money and purchase quality food and other items for your family. We all have our own way. I agree completely! I have always said if there were coupons for veggies and fruits I would be good to go!!

I totally agree! I look at the posts of what they purchase with their coupons and it makes me sick. It is an easy way for companies to get people to eat poorly. I live about and hour and a half from a major grocery store so we shop twice a month. I have found that planning out or meals and snacks every day cut back on costs. But, there is just me, and my husband in our house, and I do cook most every day.

Yes, most of them are great if you are into junk food, or if you have children in diapers, baby food, etc. We grow our own veggies, and can and freeze them, but you never find coupons for those. Most of the coupons out there are just not for me. We are trying to eat healthier these days, and junk food is not the way to do that, lol.

Someday soon. I also do not coupon for all of the reasons you mentioned in this post. The one type of coupon I do almost always use is coupon codes when I shop for things online. A quick search for a coupon or discount code will almost always uncover a code for free shipping or 20 percent or more off.

Great post. I do love using online coupon codes! Coupons rarely work for me either. Instead, I pay attention to the times when stores have customer appreciation days. The larger stores matched it to be competitive. We do our twice a month shopping on one of those days unless there is an exceptional flyer. I fantasize about being an awesome coupon clipper and saving tons of money for our household, adding that to one of my wifely duties and talents, but I am very inconsistent about it and usually just recycle the pile without even looking at them. We limit ourselves on the crap we bring in but we do still have some crap.

I too can find better things to do with my time then spend it clipping and sorting. I used to teach classes, have my own facebook page and website for couponing — I see now while I was saving A TON of money, I was hurting my family. My couponing skills are still used for toiletries and other household items, but I find myself going more natural in those areas too. My life is worth too much to be wasting money on coupons — a total from where I was just 6 months ago.

Thanks for your site — I love it: I love this!

We recently had an awakening, and sold our house, paid off all our bills, and are looking for a piece of land to mini-farm. I have nightmares about it now! My dream is to homestead. One day, for sure! I also live in an area of MLMs. I try not to be judgmental, but it is VERY hard. I know, today I am just feeling in a little bit of a pissy mood PMS!

The one spring I couponed I was surprised by a few things. First, yes, you can get a big stock pile pretty quickly. I just bought my first feminine products an toothpaste in two years. Unfortunately, the big stores are 30 miles from our home, the sales are on three separate days per week, and there is a rabid group of coupon ladies in our area.

They would clear the shelves early and I would have to get rainchecks pretty regularly. Ultimately it just was too much trouble for the two or three items I really wanted to use coupons for. Now I just watch prices, and stock up when I can without making 17 trips to town. I am an extreme couponer, and I wanna point out something no one has addressed so far, and that is in order to save the big bucks, you have to have hundreds of dollars worth of coupons to bring your bill down!

This is not the same thing as cutting out a coupon for a dollar off toiilet paper and thinking you will save significantly. I am also learning to eat better and planning to garden and I only eat hormone free meats. I can think of literally tons of things you and I have to buy and the need for coupons is only going to increase as the economy continues to decline.

I have stockpiled ramen, canned meats like turkey, tuna, ram, and chicken, and canned veggies. Cause if the power goes out I can make do with those things. I try to feed my family as healthy as possibly on a daily basis, but the items you would need in a disaster are the types of things you just dissed. Also, you make homemade cleaners right? Out of vinegar, conditioner, and feels naphtha or zone soap and arm and hammer washing soda, here is a news flash, so do I and I coupon those items. So next time you think there is no good in couponing, think again. I say couponing and homesteading are a perfect marriage of thriftiness and good stewardship.

So yes, I coupon, and that junk food goes onto an emergency stockpile and we eat healthy for now.

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I also like to coupon for paper, pens, and other items like glue, tape and scissors during back to school season. I get to stock up for the year and donate at the same time to kids in need. Much of couponing entails being able to be benevolent, I find generally speaking, we are convenience oriented and most,people are too lazy to committ to what has become the greatest gift to my family in terms of surviving a bad economy while being retired. Oh, and three times a year they have toy sales. Has bro puts out coins and I combine the manufacture. Coupons with the store coupon, online coupon and mobile coupons at target and I stockpile toys to donate at Christmas time for families whose kids would go without otherwise.

Thanks for another fantastic post. Where else may anybody get that kind of information in such a perfect manner of writing? The thought of eating all that processed stuff makes me sick to my tummy now!!! The newspaper recently called me to see if I would reconsider getting the paper and I said that I eat organic, whole foods and there are no coupons for that! The guy snorted a goodbye and hung up!!! You get a point for every dollar you spend — on any item except cigarettes, beer and certain other items. I totally agree in every way! Even if you only pay pennies it still counts as a sale to them!

My mother got really into at it one point and would get great deals on tons of food. I love this article! I feel the same way. Instead of many common disposable items, we purchased reusable items that will last for years. We use stainless steel and glass drinking straws, cloth napkins, cloth towels, a mop with a washable microfiber pad instead of a swiffer, glass storage containers, wool dryer balls, etc. After going green, we also stopped purchased garbage bags.

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Potato bags, kitty litter bags, bread bags, etc. For soaps and consumable supplies of that nature, we use all natural soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste. We use natural silk dental floss and bamboo toothbrushes.

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I would gladly use coupons on those items if any existed, but coupons on them are few and far between. I do subscribe to my toothpaste on Amazon, which helps a little bit. We clean mostly with baking soda and vinegar.

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Couponing is definitely not for everyone. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. By entering your information, you agree to receive email communication from me. Per my privacy policy, you can unsubscribe at any time. You may also like these posts Yeah, I would definitely concede on the free toilet paper!

Sounds like a plan, Kim! Loved this post! Great Blog. I love Heavenly Homemakers- in fact, that is the recipe I have on my to-do list to try! The face cleanser sounds intriguing!